The major social event in the island is the PANIGIRI.
This traditional customs of Santorini is in fact the celebration of the  Name day of a Saint, the church is dedicated to. The family gives a special reception with food –wine. In some “Panigiri” the feast will follow by music and dances.
The most important “Panigiri” is held on august 15th at the “Panagia Episkopi ”. This small church is one of the best example of Byzantine architecture and hosts valuable icons.
Visitors are most welcomed.

The CATHOLIC cathedral in Fira is gorgeous.  It was rebuilt after the earthquake and is considered as one of the most beautiful of the many churches of Santorini.
It is dedicated to St John the Baptist.

The ORTHODOX cathedral is also impressive and located in Fira town. It is pure white with many arches. The interior is decorated by stunning frescoes that were painted by local artist.

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